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April 2, 2017

Kate and I were sitting in a consultation a few weeks ago and after being asked about my own wedding planning, it dawned on me – I have been engaged for one year on Sunday, March 12th! I truly do not know where the time has gone, and more importantly, I am both devastated and impressed that one year in we have not confirmed or booked a single item for our special day.


Every week handfuls of couples walk through the Bloom + Blueprint doors to chat with us about planning their dream day; some of them over a year in advance and others just mere weeks before they say “I do”. The common theme is always this heightened level of stress and confusion at the beginning of the process; they’re not sure what to tell us first, unsure if their budget can stretch to achieve their desired look and feel, and a true lack of understanding around this industry and the vendors that make wedding day happen.

Each time my engagement and 2018 wedding has come up over the last year, our couples response is almost always the same; “this must be so easy for you since you’re a planner and own a business in this industry”. The truth is I have the same anxiety, excitement, confusion, etc., that every bride has, even as a wedding planner with a two and a half years to plan. I am the first to admit I have even contemplated a courthouse wedding, and quite honestly if I sit and think about the wedding for too long it still does seems like an awesome option (don’t tell Kate)!

My hope is that over the next year and a half as I really do put some effort into planning my own wedding, while also planning for our B+B brides, I can share my journey with you. They say those you can’t do, teach – let’s see if those who plan professionally, wed seamlessly 😉

Confessions Of A Wedding Planner Bride – The Real

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