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April 2, 2017

We are blushing. Recently, StemCounter {a stellar software for event florists countrywide] scoured the inter webs for stand out websites…and we were selected! Out of 800 wedding florist websites reviewed we are honored to announce we are in the Top 4!

When we built our philosophy; transparent, creative and fun.. we didn’t realize how cutting edge and modern of a concept it was. Simplifying wedding floral pricing by not pricing per flower but rather by size made a lot of sense and if we are being honest, it came second nature to us. We are excited to be recognized for our customer service centric mantra. Our entire business model is based on a better experience for our brides + grooms, a cost that doesn’t shock, and forward thinking design concepts that achieve the desired aesthetic.

Check out our feature here:


Special thanks goes to Courtney Larson from Inloveness for her work designing our website!

Our Website is Top 4 in The Country!

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